Welcome spring with Neptune’s natural textures

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It is the time of year when nature starts doing its thing, so it is only natural that leading interior design house Neptune is embracing the theme in its new spring collection.

Neptune has long favoured natural materials, but this season’s style is more about texture and light than strong contrasts in colour.

Taking inspiration from Belgian interior trends, the style is very much about layering tonal clay-like colours and tactile finishes.

Natural materials like wood, ceramics, linen, and woven materials like rattan and rush are combined to create a comfortable familiarity that provides a timeless, lived-in feel.

Oak also has a big part to play in the new Neptune collection, and one of the key things about these finishes is that they get better with age, so scratches and scuffs only add an extra layer of charm.

The Moreton kitchen table is a good example of Neptune’s concept at work.

Inspired by farmhouse furniture with its simple, sturdy shape and useful drawers, the Moreton has the potential to very easily become a much-loved icon at the heart of the home.

Without looking old, it manages to feel like a familiar setting that has seen countless Sunday dinners and has been part of the family forever.

The Moreton’s surface is its own natural pale hue, which beautifully shows off the oak’s grain and texture.

Over time, it will further develop character, but from day one it can be paired with antique chairs for a flattering contrast between new and old timber.

It also partners well with Neptune’s Wycombe dining chairs, stools and benches that have woven seats made using natural rush fibres.

The textures of both oak and rush are just right with linen – Neptune’s key fabric for the season.

Left unbleached, linen – made from natural flax fibres – is almost the same colour as oak and rush, making it easy to layer up textures and tones.

In keeping with that theme, Neptune’s collection includes cushions and tablecloths in apricot, terracotta and the interior design house’s new Saffron yellow shade that all complement linen’s nubbly weave.

When it comes to ceramics, Neptune has gone for an aged look that chimes with both furniture and fabrics.

The Bayswater stoneware vases and bowls are made by hand so each one’s a little different, making their rustic texture and crackled glaze really noticeable.

Stoneware can be speckly, too, as with the Bayham tableware. It is hand-thrown and so has a slightly rippled finish left by the potter’s fingers, and it features a gentle contrast between milky, speckled glaze and the raw texture of bare clay.

There are lots more pieces like these that celebrate natural texture and the human hand in Neptune’s latest collection, crafted from sustainable materials that will provide many years of life.



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