Wanted.Coffee set to revolutionise UK market

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Every day in the UK we drink approximately 55 million cups of coffee*, with coffee being the second most popular drink in the world after water! Wanted.Coffee, a premium coffee club, is set to revolutionise the coffee experience by ensuring consumers get the perfect measure for coffee pleasure.

Paul Devanney, coffee advisor to Wanted.Coffee explains how they are captivating consumers: “Making the perfect brew begins with finding the right coffee and when it comes to coffee beans, it starts and ends with quality. Small batch, single origin coffee, Wanted.Coffee’s speciality, is the crème de la crème. We source the most exclusive beans which are produced in small quantities in dedicated farms in remote regions of the world.

“Small batch coffees are consistently delicious, surprisingly delicate and full of unique, subtle flavours like citrus and honey. It takes real skill and experience to roast these kinds of beans properly. You don’t find coffee like this in a large coffee house. Large companies rely on similar flavours to attract and retain customers. We’re quite the opposite, for us it’s all about offering the very best in difference and choice to our customers every month.”

The next step is brewing – a process that is every bit as scientific as a Heston Blumenthal recipe. The experts at Wanted.Coffee would recommend using 18g of coffee to 300ml of water**.The strictest of coffee aficionados use actual scales to measure every stage of the brewing process. The temperature of the water is also very important. A temperature of no more than 94 Celsius makes sure you won’t burn the beans and release an unpleasant, bitter flavour.

To brew your coffee quickly and with little effort, the Hario V60 is perfect. Devanney explains: “A V60 is one of the most effective brewing methods because it allows you to bloom the coffee. This means that once you’ve measured the coffee, you wet the grinds with a little water and allow it to bloom for 30 seconds. During this process, you see the grinds rise up as the gas is released, maximising the taste and aroma of the coffee.”

But why go to all this trouble? The fact is higher quality, single origin, small batch coffee tastes so good you don’t need to add milk, sugar, cream or any flavourings. It’s like going to a Michelin starred restaurant; you don’t need to use condiments when you’ve a product that’s already perfect. This raw approach to coffee is also proven to have a positive impact on diet and lifestyle. Black coffee is very low in calories and can help boost your metabolism which can help you burn fat***. According to the Harvard School of Public Health drinking coffee is also linked with the possible reduction in heart disease, stroke and the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

So, when it comes to the perfect measure for coffee pleasure, choose Wanted.Coffee and let your taste buds and your body reap the rewards.

Wanted.Coffee Perfect Measure for Coffee Pleasure


*British Coffee Association

**Measurements based on an Ethiopian coffee from Wanted.Coffee

***Pharmacogenomics Knowledge Base




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