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Ulster Life Talks to Tadas Zilys Founder of Grayson House Interiors

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From a young age Tadas always tried to see things from a different perspective, not for what it was but what it could be. From moving furniture around or getting creative with materials and making new cushions for his home, this was the start of his passion for design.  Tadas points out that he’s never been afraid to be different and doesn’t hide or suppress his creative spirit. “In school I would sometimes skip maths class and would go to art classes instead, I am very glad that I had great teachers who pushed me to try new things and and be true to myself”. 

From moving to Northern Ireland, Tadas found himself working alongside experienced soft furnishing manufacturers, creative interior designers and skilled tradesmen – He knew that’s where he belonged.

“The past couple of years have tought me so much, in everyday life and in the world of design, this is what pushed me to leave my 9-5 job in a furniture store and open my own Interior design studio.”

UL interiors gets to know a little more about Tadas and his new venture, Grayson House interiors

What makes Grayson House Interiors different? 

What makes Grayson House Interiors unique is the structure of how it operates.  It was created with an ethos to be more than just an interior design studio with the largest product offering and the most extensive fabric library.  Instead, to create living spaces designed by a clients lifestyle regardless of labels and price tags.  This changes the concept of interior design from a 9-5 business to a personalised service.

How do you get your ideas for a new project / What inspires you? 

No matter who you are, or what you do, you have a style and you own that style. As an interior designer it is my job to pick up on that style and design around it, so in a way my ideas and inspiration come from the client. Any interior designer can pick an on trend object and design around it, but it takes a good designer to bond with the client and create something together.

What has been your favourite project to date?

That is a tough one because there are so many.  What makes a project a favourite for me is not just working with the client or designing a space, but seeing the hard work and passion that goes into everything from behind the scenes.  From watching a trim being delicately sewn onto a roman blind or the final plump of a cushion, this creates excitement and anticipation waiting for the clients reaction.  That’s what makes a favourite.

Where do you start when decorating a home? 

The best way I find to start a project is to meet the client in the space they wish to transform. No samples, no fabric books or sketches.  This gives the best opportunity for the client to project their ideas and style without any initial influence from me.  Creating this building block is paramount to designing a home that reflects the clients taste.

What is your own personal style, in your own home?

I feel the design and decor of my home is timeless. I have created an easy living environment in an ever changing design world by using muted tones, clean lines and a hint of luxury.

What trends should we look out for this Autumn? 

To follow seasonal trends is like keeping up with the Joneses, as soon as you catch up, they’re onto the next best thing! The best trends to look out for are the ones that aren’t at the forefront of design but the craftsmanship behind the design.  To buy a sofa dexterously made bespoke to last, or choosing that perfect linen manufactured locally is a growing trend worth keeping an eye on.

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