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Eating for Energy and Vitality – Jane McClenaghan, Vital Nutrition



Good food has been a lifelong passion for Northern Ireland Nutritional Therapist Jane McClenaghan, who grew up in family where growing, cooking and eating simple, healthy food was part of the fabric of life.

Jane has been a Nutritional Therapist for over fifteen years and in that time has helped thousands of people to make easy, manageable changes to their diets for the good of their health.

As well as her busy clinics in Holywood & Belfast, she runs cookery classes, wellbeing workshops and specialises in developing corporate health programmes for companies all over Ireland.

Jane’s latest and most exciting project to date is the launch of her book; The Vital Nutrition Cookbook, which is packed full of delicious and nutritious recipes and peppered with straightforward, practical nutritional advice for the ultimate energy kick-start.

Over the next few months, Jane will share some of her favourite recipes from The Vital Nutrition Cookbook with My Ulster Life readers. For now though, read on to discover Jane’s secret to energy and vitality…


“Has your get-up-and-go got up and gone? If like a lot of us you are in need of a wee bit of an energy boost, then making a few changes to your diet could be all it takes.

“One of the biggest energy drains in our diet is sugar. Yes, it will give you a quick hit of energy, but very soon after your energy levels will be back to where you started, or worse.

“I have put together a few easy-to-follow guidelines to help perk you up:

  • Always eat breakfast so that you are getting energy, nutrients and fuel from food, rather than running on empty first thing.
  • Eat a little protein with every meal and snack. Choose from eggs, meat, fish, chicken, nuts and seeds, houmous, natural yoghurt, sugar-free peanut butter, quinoa or cottage cheese.
  • Eat at regular times – every 4 or 5 hours is ideal. Snacks like an apple with handful of nuts, or a couple of oatcakes with houmous are ideal if you need something to keep you going.
  • Cut back on sugar and caffeine as these provide your body with a quick fix, rather than a sustained energy supply. Replace some of your tea and coffee with herbal teas and have sweet stuff as a weekend treat, not an everyday snack.
  • Get outside, take some exercise – even a walk around the block and give yourself some chill out time and your energy levels will soon balance out.”

If you are interested in learning more about Jane’s expert nutritional advice, as well as gaining an understanding of how a low GI diet has the power to replenish your zest for life, alongside ideas on how to eat well on a budget, and over fifty deliciously mouth-watering recipes, check out The Vital Nutrition Cookbook, available from Easons, Waterstones, Amazon and online at www.vital-nutrition.co.uk

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