UL Test drives the Mercedes C350 Coupe Sport AMG

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Mercedes C350 Coupe Sport AMG

As a 35 year old bloke I’ve seen Mercedes evolve in recent times through a number of different sets of eyes and levels of maturity. As a kid the first car I fell in love with was a beast of a Mercedes E Class Coupe AMG way back in 1994. A Mercedes in those days was the ultimate status symbol and sticking a thumping big AMG badge on it had small boys very excited indeed. Onwards to the late 90’s and early zeros and Mercedes was losing ground fast to its German cousins, namely Audi and BMW and its stayed that way to very recently but Mercedes has  left behind the reliability and old retired man  issues it enjoyed too cosy a relationship with for far too long, so much so, as a young man (yes me) aged 32 and a 1/3rd I went out and purchased a Mercedes E Class coupe AMG sport thinking that was the car for me and id be fantastically successful just because, well, I drove a merc! The Cool hip (and second of 3) Audi TTS was sold and I found myself in very unfamiliar territory.

Clearly not content with the hairdresser jokes endured and delivered daily in the TT I was now driving a car I assumed, and others echoed was for old blokes with comb-overs. But I wasn’t, I was driving a Merc coupe something i’d dreamed about from I first got bitten by the automotive bug. Id arrived at the pinnacle of my motoring dreams… albeit about 30 years early. I subsequently sold the big Merc after 9 months and what felt like 9 million pounds on fuel and bought an Audi A5 diesel which I sold after 9 months and 50p on fuel and a lot of very boring miles and bought once again a bright white Audi TTS. For me nothing has been able to match the TTS in terms of looks & performance. Until now that is.

Mercedes is at it again, playing with small boys emotions making dam right sexy cars and planking AMG sports packages on them achieving what some might say is a sheep in wolves clothing but hey, they are stunning to look at, don’t return daft MPG and dare I say it, cool again. The new C class coupe with its chiselled grill and sleek lines and stunning interior is an eye wateringly beautiful thing to look at. As someone who appreciates the beauty of a car over the engine I’m inclined to think Mercedes have produced one of if not thee most beautiful Coupe’s I have ever seen – BMW’s new 6 series excluded.

The engine is as expected smooth and coupled to the 7G tronic gearbox is flawless and with the machine delivering just over 300hp from the this is a serious piece of kit. The coupe purists with deep pockets will no doubt argue the car is best ordered as the ozone munching C63 AMG which will kick £60k from your wallet before you stick a tick beside a single extra. That’s a whopping £20k premium on the C350 featured which to mind would be better spent in the south of France flirting with the locals.

Economy is to be respected regardless of the thickness of your wallet and the entire range (according to Mercedes official figures) return really impressive numbers with the C 350 cycle return of 40MPG compared to the AMG thoroughbreds poultry 23.5. That said you get what you pay for and as far as fun goes a proper AMG in my opinion sits above BMW M Cars and Audi RS cars by a country mile. The entry level C180 returns a healthy 44.1 combined but you lose all the power so it’s not a compromise id consider for 4MPG and a 0-60 of 8.5 seconds.

So if you’re after an expensive look at me I’m awesome coupe, take my advice and buy the C Class, if you can wait a while, look out for BMW’s 4 Series which having seen the press images I can say looks incredible, or if you can wait a bit longer still Audi will be launching 3rd incarnation of the iconic TT in the middle of 2014. I have a funny feeling I’ll have a deposit on one of those in the not too distant future.

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