UL Talks to Sonja from The Lady Boys of Bangkok!

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Sonja – a long standing cast member, ” Dance Captain” of the Lady Boys of Bangkok chats to UL.

The Lady Boys of Bangkok returns to Belfast this November and as always promises to be one of the best nights of the year. For ticket info visit the Website and buy now to avoid disappointment!

So, Tell us about your journey from teenager to today.

It was hard growing up, my parents had to work very hard to see me through school and college, they wanted the best for me. I have always enjoyed fashion and performing arts so when I left college I went to work in for a cabaret, it was hard, but I stuck at it and managed to get an audition with The Lady Boys of Bangkok show. I knew if i was successful I would be able to repay my family and look after them in return for what they had done for me. The show offered me a place and I have not looked back since, the experiences and production training have made me realise my potential as an artiste. So Here I am today; senior cast member and dance captain so I’m the one that calls the extra rehearsals during the tour to keep the routines “tight”.. I can be tough but you need to be to maintain the high standards of this show.

Did you always want to be a performer?

Always!, I loved watching films when i was a child and always dreamt of performing on the stage, I always knew that one day I would end up there.

What’s the best city you’ve performed in (excluding Belfast of course!!)

Apart from Belfast, I love Edinburgh, it was the first city I visited with the show and you know what they say.. “your first is always special” (lol)

What advice would you give to any young performers reading this?

Make sure the audience believe the story you are telling, they need to see it in your eyes and also in your smile.

When the dancing and performing comes to an end, what do you think you will do next?

I don’t think I will ever get out of the shows, I think I will take more of a role in production side of things. assisting with the choreography & staging. I have so much experience that I can teach the new “girls” as they join the company.

What does a typical day look like with all the team?

Rehearsals, sightseeing, shopping… there’s always time to shop, and Belfast has some great boutique shops

Describe your ideal day off. Who are you with, where do you eat lunch and what are you drinking?

Both family and friends are important to me, without them I don’t think we are complete as people, and on tour my friends are my family. We have all got into having a “cheeky Nando’s” laughing about what’s been happening while we’ve been on tour. Also it’s so easy to stay in touch with our friends and family back home using facebook and facetime when you have a good wifi signal! As for drinking I don’t mind a small beer or I like Prosecco.


Main Image: Sonja – © Dean Martin Photography 2016 – www.deanmartinphotography.com




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