The Perfect Car for that Champagne Moment

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Introducing our stunning black XJ Jaguar; a car that embodies a look of style and elegance for your wedding day. Champagne Moments has newly added this stunning Jaguar to our beautiful collection of cars available to you. It is the perfect addition to complement your special wedding day.

Factory stretched to give extra legroom; the interior of this car is designed to the highest degree of luxury, ensuring that it is perfect for any wedding party. This car sets the standard for all others to follow and will make a huge impression on your guests as you arrive for your wedding.

Brides — imagine being collected by a XJ Jaguar at your house on the day of your wedding. Our uniformed chauffeur will take you and your loved one to the service in style. The Jaguar provides the perfect setting for you to relax with that special person who will give you away in those last calming moments before you walk down the aisle. Your arrival in this attractive car will surely make a huge impression on your guests. After the service you and your groom will be whisked away in comfort to your photo location, and then on to the reception at your leisure. A car for the groom or bridesmaids — the Jaguar is very spacious and is also perfect for delivering the bridesmaid or groom party, either before collecting the bride or in addition to another bridal car. A car for family and guests — why not treat those closest to you to their own personal chauffeur for the day?

The Jaguar is the perfect opportunity to show your loved ones you care by ensuring they arrive in style and luxury. This means no driving and parking at the venues; your most valued guests will have the chance to sit back and be pampered while being driven to the ceremony and reception. Http:// jag



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