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With over 146,000 beds perfectly made since it opened back in 2009, the Fitzwilliam hotel are celebrating ‘National Make Your Bed Day’ by revealing some of its top housekeeping and ‘bed making’ secrets.

Located at the heart of Belfast, the Fitzwilliam is the hotel of choice for the fashionable worldwide traveller and has also played host to a number of global celebrity guests in its chic bedrooms such as singing sensations Rihanna, Chris Martin and Katy Perry, as well as being a favourite with local stars Snow Patrol.

Understanding the importance of a good night’s sleep to guests is pivotal to the job of the Fitzwilliam’s Accommodation manager Simona Chinez. This lady oversees the making of 1,050 beds and the plumping of 4,200 pillows per week; while the changing of a whopping 54,600 sheets every year also falls under her remit!

Simona commented: “When guests check into a hotel, the first thing they do is jump on their bed! Once the TV has been switched on and the coffee is made a call is usually made to housekeeping to request additional pillows!

“The bed is the single most fundamental part of a guest’s stay. High quality mattresses and linen are very important for comfort, but attention to detail is probably the top secret to making the perfect bed.”

Simona continued: “I have worked in the Fitzwilliam for the past 5 years and in the hospitality sector for over 15 years and it’s safe to say that at this stage I have seen it all! There are definitely ‘trends’ I have noticed in recent years with items such as coffee makers, hairdryers, hangers, cushions and even televisions being regularly taken from rooms.

“The most common items left behind by guests are phone chargers, shoes, children’s toys and even wedding rings.”

The Fitzwilliam Hotel ensures that the minute a guest walks in the door their expectations are exceeded. This August, the Belfast hotel operated at high occupancy, between 80 and 90% showing its growing popularity. For many guests, the Fitzwilliam is a special place to celebrate with loved ones with countless proposals, weddings and anniversaries taking place between its four walls every year.


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