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Is it OK to “Go Grey?”

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Drew Barrymore’s recent Instagram selfie revealing a few sparse greys has earned her praise for “keeping it real.” The post has also ignited debate, raising the inevitable question; Is it OK to “go grey?”

Pamela Ballantine, presenter of UTV Life, began greying at nineteen. Ballantine says; “I do feel it is more than OK to “go grey.” The presenter reveals; “I am surprised when I go on holidays at the number of complete strangers who come up to me to compliment me on my hair. It happens a lot in New York and Spain.”

Hollywood actresses, Dames Judi Dench, Helen Mirren and Jamie Lee Curtis routinely stun on the red carpet with naturally grey locks as their key accessory. The phenomenon is not only engulfing the red carpets of Hollywood. Grey is currently a hot trend and women of all ages are “going grey.” Some are embracing natural greys while others are actually paying for grey. In a fashion rebellion led by model, Cara Delevingne and pop star Rhianna, it has become a trend in recent years for younger women to request grey locks. Many now emulate popular celebrities by proudly flaunting their dyed silver tresses.

Professional Make-Up Artist and Beauty and Fashion Blogger Grainne McCoy comments, “Personally I love the fashion trend for grey hair. This trend seems to be around for a while now with the greyness/silver tone of hair getting stronger. I think this trend is giving women who have grey hair, the confidence to feel fabulous and embrace the natural greys.  I believe it is 100% ok to “Go Grey.” People are now paying to change their own colour to a grey tone. We all know the term “Silver Fox” when it comes to men rocking gorgeous grey locks, well us women are coming up strong behind them!”

While some are willingly embracing grey, others are more apprehensive and require reassurance. Some women agonise over the decision to embrace or indeed banish the greys. This trepidation is understandable. A woman’s hair is her crowning glory and its importance can be profound. In fact, during a speech at Yale University, Hilary Clinton once advised students; “Pay attention to your hair, because everyone else will.”

In a society gripped by the importance of preserving standards of youth and beauty, the significance of one’s hair cannot be overstated. The first hint of silvering roots may compel some women to reach for the home dye kit or dash to the salon.  In recent seasons however, we have witnessed something of a fashion revolution. More and more women are now embracing silvering locks and are reassured that it’s OK to go grey – if you want hair to dye for.

Article by Paula Logan.

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