Non-Surgical Mini Tummy-Tuck at Skin Medi Spa!

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This month, Judith Mulgrew discusses Skin Medi Spa’s NEW non-surgical alternative to Liposuction – designed to tighten, tone and firm skin, making stubborn fat and cellulite a thing of the past!

At Skin Medi Spa we are fighting the war against excess fat and cellulite, with proven results to tighten, tone and smooth your wobbly bits. What could be better than a mini tummy-tuck or bum-lift that is non-surgical, non-invasive and has absolutely no down-time?! Look no further; at Skin Medi Spa this exciting new treatment promises real results, and if like many of us, the thought of exposing your tummy or legs fills you with dread, this is the treatment for you!

Favoured by celebrities including Kim Kardashian and Heidi Klum, this treatment targets areas such as the thighs, bum and tummy, which with even the strictest diet and exercise regime can be a nightmare to tone and shift excess fat from. The only FDA approved treatment that safely and effectively contours the body – eliminating excess fat, smoothing cellulite and promoting inch loss.

Using a powerful combination of infrared, high frequency and vacuum suction, this treatment helps to shrink fat cells, boost lymphatic drainage and circulation, and firm and smooth the skin by stimulating new collagen production. The precise heating ensures a safe, effective, fast treatment with no downtime or discomfort.


Most clients liken their treatment to a deep tissue massage; you’ll feel some slight pulling on your skin as your therapist uses a pulsed vacuum device to manoeuvre skin into the optimum position for treatment, followed by a warming sensation as the heat from the high frequency and infra red light energies work on the fat cells beneath the skin’s surface. At no time however should you feel any discomfort. Your therapist will advise you on after-care advice that will promote optimum results of your treatment.

Sessions can last from 20 to 60 minutes, depending on how large an area of your skin is being treated.

To book your FREE consultation with one of our experienced therapists, or for more information on this, or any of our treatments, contact us on (028) 90681066 or email

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