Nigel Allison Artist: Galgorm Ballymena

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Born in 1971, Kellswater Co, Antrim, Nigel was creative from an early age, a skill he has developed having studied Art in Belfast in the 1990’s.

Nigel grew up in the countryside and many of his paintings reflect childhood memories echoing images of local characters from days gone by.
Each painting created is intended to capture narrative warmhearted tales set amid naturalistic surroundings characteristic of Nigel’s homeland – Scenes synonymous to the Antrim hills and the North coast, Donegal cottages and rural settings.

His paintings represent our Irish roots, a personal tapestry interlaced throughout our Irish history as it is his aim to express suggestions of historical truths found within an authentic context.  Through each painting he has cultivated an understanding of bygone times and a deep personal affection for country life.

Nigel’s paintings express a personal story of which many individuals have communicated they too can identify, stirring up personal emotive memories from within the lives of many whom enjoy Nigel’s art.

Each brush stroke soulfully portrays a kaleidoscopic composition brimming with colour so to illustrate the vibrancy of life in Ireland.

His highly collectable paintings have been exhibited in various galleries throughout Ireland, England and the USA.

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