New make-up Boutique in the Heart of the Lisburn Road, Belfast.

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Sisters, Rebecca and Danielle have come together bringing their given expertise to open a modern boutique make-up studio in the heart of the Lisburn Road, Belfast. They opened in the Middle of February.

Rebecca is a creative, ambitious and professionally trained make-up artist, who believes in keeping up with current trends and those all important techniques. Rebecca was trained by an Emmy Award winning hair and make up designer for The Fall, and Head of Department crowd make-up for Game of Thrones.

She has attended and continues to attend masterclasses and workshops to keep her looks fresh and relevant and previously worked as a make-up artist for INGLOT, Belfast. She has given masterclasses at a number of events and has provided her skills for photo shoots across the province.

Danielle established and drives a very successful Support Group with The Brian Tumour Charity called, The Danielle McGriskin Fund, Danielle brings a wealth of skills, qualities, experience and understanding of business to the Studio. Through the Fund she has raised 160K over three years from the age of fifteen. Danielle has received several awards for her charity work.

The Studio – From weddings, black tie and formal events, festivals, concerts and nights out, we give our clients a bespoke and friendly environment and an enjoyable personal experience. This continues into our courses where Rebecca provides make-up lessons for al ages and abilities. They include our monthly run masterclasses; Sweet Teen Masterclass, Monthly Masterclass and Refresh Masterclass. We also provide one to oe lessons ‘Tailored to You’.

Products The Studio and Website sell a number of branded make-up products, which have been hand-picked by Rebecca to ensure they are of a high quality for her clients. These include: Eyeconic Glitters by Felicia, LASplash Make-up, Lash Unlimited and Land of Lashes.

Charitable Business We believe in giving back to charitable causes and carrying out acts of kindness. Through our personal involvement with a number of charities we know just how precious and important they are. Our Charity of the year is The Brain Tumour Charity.

“I am delighted and excited to be working with my sister after being unwell for a number of years. I can now move forward onto the next chapter of my journey and bring my charitable and business acumen with me”, said Danielle McGriskin, Partner and Business Manager

“I have always wanted to become a make-up artist from the age of ten years old and started to make plans to open my own studio from around 15 years old. I am thrilled at the opportunity to be creative and make my clients look and feel their best. I believe that if you have a good business idea by continuing to work hard it will succeed.” said Rebecca Partner and Make-up Artist.

Find out more about Rebecca McGriskin Make-Up Studio Via

Danielle McGriskin – Business Partner Telephone: 02890666518/07568533817

BLOG: Facebook:

Danielle will be re-starting her blog to help people who want to run their own business giving tip and ideas and linking this also to how to manage chronic fatigue and pain. She wants to let other young people know that despite the diagnosis, the treatment and the pain and symptoms cancer can leave you it is still possible to enjoy life and become independent.



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