MyUlsterLife Chats to Dawn Pratt about her amazing experience on The New You Plan

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Dawn Pratt from Birmingham, England, talks to Aideen from MyUlsterLife about her amazing weight loss while on The New You Plan. The New You Plan was founded by Northern Irish entrepreneur Julie Ann Muldoon and is currently available UK and Ireland wide via
How much weight you have lost with new you plan?

Starting weight: 15st 0lbs, Loss on New You: 6stone ¾lb!

Watch Dawns Time laps video here > NEW YOU VIDEO

Amazing! – Can I ask how many dress sizes you dropped?

6/7 (size 24 down to size 10)

What benefits have you seen todate? I’m sure your shopping experiences have changed dramatically!

Well firstly, I saw my waistline forming very quickly, within 4 weeks (I didn’t think I’d ever have one!) and although my dress size took a few weeks to drop I can now shop in high street shops. When I was size 24 I had no chance! I can also just take clothes off the rack without having to search endlessly at the back for the largest size – That feeling alone puts a smile on your face. I also sleep a lot better, my weight no longer dictates the position I have to lie. From a health point of view my blood pressure has also normalised.

How have you found the support from The New You Plan? Secret Slimmer’s / speaking to anyone in the New You office etc?

Where does one start?! The support from the plan, from the members, is honestly second to none. Customer Service goes above and beyond on every occasion and nothing is too much trouble for anyone, it’s like having massive daily family support. It’s amazing and probably one of the reasons I’ve succeeded. I now consider all of the customer service team friends and have made some amazing lifelong friends in some of the members also along the way.
What advice might you give to anyone who is just starting The New You Plan?

To give it 100% from day one. It might be a struggle for the first few days but the rewards are amazing! 100% is the only way to guarantee the amazing results in the shortest amount of time. It’s not feasible for some people I know that but if you join and go the 5:2 way you will also achieve your goal. 100% was what worked for me. Know your trigger times, and plan for them, save a meal if you struggle in the evenings and weekends.

How do you find it best to stay on track while on the diet?

For the first few weeks I planned my daily meals and tried different meals until I found what I liked most and the times of day that were best for me to eat. Knowing your hunger triggers is important, for me it was evenings and weekends so I made sure I had at least 2 meals left for evenings so that I didn’t get hungry. The Facebook Secret Slimmers page was created to help anyone who wants support. It is also essential for keeping you on track if you’re
Struggling a little – It’s a great support tool and is only accessible to customers. It’s also completely private for you to comment on. Only your fellow Secret Slimmers who are on the same journey can communicate with you. It’s amazing the support that gives along the way.
We all hate exercise – Did you do any exercise along the way?

I didn’t do any exercise at all, I wanted pure losses without muscle gain initially. I have now joined a gym and intend to kick it all off during my long term maintenance. I must say that exercise becomes less of a chore as the weight comes off and it’s something you find yourself doing naturally. It becomes something you want to do and you no longer feel as self-conscious – Particularly in the Gym!
For more information on The New You Plan and to sign up for daily motivational emails visit or telephone +44 28 3833 0720




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