Must-Visit Annual Festivals in Dublin

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Whether one is looking for music, history, literature, theatre, or gaming, Dublin is the place to go. There is something to thrill every festival lover. With a creative talent that rivals that of any other, Dublin is a mecca of culture just waiting to be explored.

If you’re able to plan on spending a few extra days in the city, you should make time to visit some of the city’s historic pubs so you can learn about Dublin’s past while enjoying the present. The city is also home to many of the world’s greatest storytellers, in addition to incredible architecture, scenery, and so much more. Here are some of the must-visit annual festivals in Dublin to start the tour.

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Forbidden Fruit

The first to make the list is an all-time favorite in June. The three-day Forbidden Fruit Festival in Dublin is held at the Irish Museum of Modern Art and is sure to please. With a line up that will meet any music lovers’ taste, this festival rocks the three-day holiday and makes first-time tourists into repeat visitors.

With huge crowds every year, this festival is sure to sell out quickly. But if tickets are not available, do not despair — the party will pour out into the city when the festival ends at around 11 p.m., allowing all to enjoy the festivities.

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Bram Stoker Festival

Finding oneself in Dublin in the latter part of October can be a harrowing experience in the greatest of ways. The Bram Stoker Festival will fill any fright-seeker with pleasure that is fit for the master. What could be more fitting to celebrate and honor the man who brought the world the likes of Dracula than a festival that is full of music, magic, and dancing for visitors of all ages?

Sit in on a seance, watch parades filled with ghouls and goblins, take time to see The Lost Boys, or just have a spooktacular time watching the festivities. With many free and ticketed events, there will be a scary event for each thrill seeker in the group.


If traveling to Dublin in January, make sure to leave time for the musical experience that is Tradfest. While this music festival offers the largest selection of traditional music to the region, they are branching out with other types of music. No matter what the stage holds, the music is sure to inspire the spirit of Dublin and leave every visitor feeling the luck of the Irish for having heard it.

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Dublin is a musical inspiration and has festivals abound to honor this favorite creative outlet. Longitude is another one of the must-visit festivals to be had while visiting this beautiful land. This festival takes place in July, and while it attracts a larger crowd of youngsters it provides music that will warm the hearts of all ages.

St. Patrick’s Festival

A trip to Dublin would not be complete without enjoying the festivities of the St. Patrick’s Festival. Celebrate this Irish-inspired holiday in style with parades, stories, food fairs, and so much more. Find out what it traditionally means to be Irish by mingling in the history that is found at the four-day St. Patrick’s Festival and walk away with a longing to be part of the culture all year long.  

The Dublin International Film Festival 

Finding time to visit Ireland during the Dublin International Film Festival will feed any Irish film lover’s dreams. Dedicated to the recognition of Irish films worldwide, this festival pays tribute to new movies and encourages the advancement of creative thinking. It keeps the Irish spirit alive on an international level. 

When you have kissed the Blarney Stone and had your fill of the bonnie shores, make sure to find some time to check out one or all of these annual Dublin festivals!



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