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Are there any side effects?

ultrasonic cavitation is an extremely safe treatment. however, some people do experience some redness of the skin which should return to normal within a few hours. What happens aſter treatment? you will need to avoid alcohol for three days aſter each treatment because your liver will be busy processing the fat that has been broken down by the ultrasonic lipo therapy. also try to drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated before and aſter treatment. patients should be advised that following treatment they should maintain a low calorie intake for four days. this will ensure that fat energy released as a result of the ultrasound cavitation lipo treatment is used by the body.
How much does it cost?
the average price for a course of six 30 minute treatments is £350. however, this depends on the area being treated. prices start from as little as £75 per course. if you wish to have multiple areas of your body reshaped, prices may vary depending on the number of areas to be treated and the patient’s individual response to ultrasound cavitation lipo.
is everyone suitable for lipo?
your therapist will discuss this with you when you have your initial consultation as several conditions can exclude patients from therapy.
Is it possible to lose weight with ultrasonic cavitation?

ultrasonic liposuction is used to restyle your body rather than specifically reduce weight. we all know the difficulty of losing fat in stubborn areas such as ‘love handles’, lower abdomen or outer thighs. ultrasonic is ideal for these targeted areas, helping to smooth contours and reshape your figure. we recommend using the crazy Fit vibration plate, which burns around 300 calories in just 10 minutes, directly aſter treatments as this will speed up the weight loss process by increasing your metabolism. the cost is £5 for 10 minutes, or £20 for 5 x 10 minute sessions.
remember ultrasound cavitation lipo is not a license to eat more or exercise less the long-term results are in your hands.

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