Local celeb Caroline Fleck highlights health in the North West

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North West native and radio show host Caroline Fleck is going back to her roots in more ways than one; the former cardiac nurse is embarking on a brand new career with pioneering healthcare company Randox Health, as Health Advisor for the North West region. Caroline (41) says it is about much more than a change of career:

“I’m from the North West and the startling reality is that compared to the rest of Northern Ireland we suffer higher death rates from respiratory illness, stroke, heart attack and cancer.  This is why I am spear heading a campaign to encourage people in the area to be proactive about their health – to take steps to prevent disease, so they do not add to the statistics; regular health checks are the key.”

Caroline has teamed up with the Roe Park Resort to establish the first private health screening clinic for the area. The Randox Health Clinic at the Limavady hotel will offer some of the most extensive, blood based health assessments available anywhere in the world. The service, which is unique in the North West also includes consultations with Randox Health’s GPs and nurses, who can advise, treat and refer to specialists if necessary.

Caroline says:

“The blood really is the body’s encyclopaedia, almost everything we need to know about our health is there. From just one blood sample we check for illnesses such as diabetes and cardio vascular disease, search for genetic issues, scope for infections, root out fertility problems, even tell you how your health could change in the future.”

The former Nurse Fleck should know, she has just had her full body MOT with Randox Health and says it is time to make some improvements:

“I’m a busy, full time working mum – ok so I thought I could do with losing a bit of weight, but I’ve had no symptoms, no problems, so I assumed everything was fine…I was wrong. My bad cholesterol or LDL is through the roof, this might be because I’ve just quit smoking, but I also need to take a serious look at my diet.  If had kept going, without the early warning from the health check I may have eventually suffered from a stroke or heart disease. Nothing brings it home like seeing it written down in your Randox Health report! It is time to change!”

Caroline is determined to tackle the North West’s shocking health statistics one patient at a time, by encouraging people in the area to visit the Randox Health Clinic for screening at the Roe Park Resort. 



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