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Ulster Life’s newest columnist Emma McLoughlin is the owner of The Dressing Room in Holywood. Split over 3 floors The Dressing Room offers a full range of top to toe Beauty Treatments. Emma has been in the industry for 17 years & has worked in the Holywood area for the best part of her career. Spending the early part of her career working both in salon & also doing colour demonstrations for big hair & beauty brands. In recent years she has been concentrating on building her own business & is proud to Call the Dressing Room home!

Every month Emma will do her best to answer your beauty queries in her “Dilemma for Emma” beauty feature in Ulster Life Magazine and here on If you have question or querie you want to ask Emma just email us at and pop “Dilemma for Emma” in the Subject heading or Simply tweet us using the hashtag #DilemmaForEmma


I’ve heard people talking about a scalp facial? What exactly is it?

As a salon specialising in Nioxin we are trained to see the scalp as an extension of the face. We’re quick to use anti ageing creams on our under eyes & foreheads but we forget about our poor old scalps. This skin needs some TLC too. Dead skin cells & dry scalp can really weigh the hair down & clog the follicle so a facial for the scalp is essentially a gentle exfoliation to remove any impurities just as you would for your face. Not only is this treatment good for the skin but your hair will look amazing as a by product. RESULT!

Who would benefit most from this?

All of us! The benefits are great for anyone with a dry scalp or any signs of hair loss which can quite often be caused by blocked follicles. I myself would suffer from a dry scalp at busy times in life when I’m a bit stressed & this relieves any itching or flaking. It’s an anti ageing treatment so we should all try to have it done every 4-6 weeks!

Does it take long?

After a consultation using our nioscope (a specialised magnifier to study the scalp ) we provide a skin renew dermabrasion treatment, a gentle exfoliant which takes approximately 10 mins to work on the scalp, we then choose the correct 3 part system for your hair type & include an intensive conditioning mask at the back wash. We use all nioxin styling products pre blowdry & the whole treatment from start to finish lasts approx 1hr 30mins & leaves the scalp feeling rejuvenated & your hair with so much more life!  After your blow dry we will reassess the scalp to check for improvements. Unlike traditional microscopes, a Nioscope projects the field of view onto a monitor so our clients can see their own scalp on a laptop screen. It’s used mostly in conjunction with the scalp renew dermabrasion treatment but also to see if new hair is growing at the follicle. This allows our clients to determine themselves whether the treatments are working?

Is it expensive?

Including your blowdry with one of our stylists the whole thing costs just £45 & we can make up an aftercare package to be used at home to suit each individual.

We provide free consultations for all of our services at the dressing room. Call us on 02890421899 for a no obligation chat.

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