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Why Hire an Interior Designer?

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Hiring an interior designer is a wise investment if you’re decorating your home or fitting out a new property.

Here are six good reasons to hire a professional:

Offer Expertise: A designer is a professional with a trained eye who can tell immediately if there is something right or wrong with a space.

Have a list of contacts: They work regularly with a wide variety of talented tradespeople, so will be in a position to identify reliable furniture makers, plumbers and electricians etc. for your project.

Save you money: How many times have you purchased an expensive piece of furniture or can of paint that didn’t look right when you got it home? A designer will steer you clear of costly mistakes and help you make decisions that will increase the value of your home.

Develop your ideas: Good designers will not impose their own design style on you, they will work with you to refine your vision, take your ideas and make them work better.

Make space work: To achieve a truly personal space that’s perfect for YOU, a designer will strive to understand the way you want to live and endeavour to meet your requirements, to your specification and exact needs.

Consultations: Good designers will spend time with you before starting your project and visit your home, to get a feel for the orientation and layout of your rooms, they take into consideration the position of your windows and fireplace. Some of the things homeowners forget to focus their furniture and interiors around when renovating a room or property.

Why do you need a design consultation?

A consultation with Beaufort Interiors will allow you to exchange information with our highly trained and skilled interior designers. After a walk through the space with our clients, we sit down together and discuss in detail all the specific requirements for the project. The client details the problem areas to be addressed, their thoughts regarding solutions and identifies their “vision” for the space. We, in turn, offer information about how their goals can be reached.

Following this consultation we then create a design scheme for your project, introducing any items discussed such as fabrics, furniture, flooring, lighting, wallpapers or paints plus anything else we believe would benefit the look and scheme of your project. You are then invited to our design studio which is home to one of the largest wallpaper and fabric libraries in Northern Ireland. Your interior designer will discuss your project in full detail allowing you to take some time and make a decision moving forward.

Budget discussions are perhaps one of the most uncomfortable yet eye opening steps in the process. At Beaufort Interiors we help clients prioritize their needs and determine the best use of their funds. For some, costs of renovations are an unfamiliar subject, especially if any labour work is required. A consultation meeting provides the client the opportunity to get accurate, realistic information regarding costs of interiors, renovations and labour charges plus indicates a timeline for the project to be completed.

How much will a Design Consultation cost and is this cost worthwhile?

Only you can decide if the cost of hiring a talented interior designer is worthwhile for your project. What we do recommend is that you think about the service in which your chosen interior designer is offering, if it includes everything you need to transform your home and if the interior designer is dedicated in working for and with you throughout the process.

At Beaufort Interiors we have worked with clients who come to us with all different projects, budgets, styles and ideas. We believe the best way to truly achieve status in your home is by taking time and building a relationship with you. For this reason, our designers don’t rush you or your decisions, we spend 2-3 hours at your home with you to get a feel for your requirements and following this we take 7-10 days sourcing interiors and fixings for your project. At our design studio we offer a relaxing environment where you can see your design concepts come to life. We also have a large showroom of room settings (living, dining, bathroom, bedroom, dressing rooms) for you to gain inspiration and see the quality of our products and our work.

This design consultation with Beaufort Interiors costs £300 and our clients will agree it has been a wise investment, saving them time and a lot of money. We would love to hear from you if you wish to book our design consultation, simply email cliona@beaufortinteriors.co.uk to arrange a date and time that will suit you for a designer to visit.

Our consultations are available Monday – Saturday and can be arrange in the evenings upon request.




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