Let The Flower Room Belfast Take care of Mother’s Day

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How lovely is it to receive a bouquet of flowers? So how much more personal if the floral content were to express not only the meaning of the message:  as in, ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ Thank You’,’ Love You’ or ‘Congratulations’, but a little of you, the recipient. ‘The flower room Belfast’ launches a premier collection of floral designs for all occasions that will express just this. Each design will include not only your written message, but a message of significance through the meaning of the flowers in your chosen design, (a list of the flowers and their meanings will be included along with your message). Here is an example of flowers that signify love:

Larkspur   – Open heart, beautiful spirit Flower room

Stock – Bonds of affection

Phlox – Our souls are united

Feverfew – Warmth

Orchid – Refined beauty

Burgundy rose – Unconscious beauty




The exchange of flowers between lovers and at weddings dates back through time immemorial. The phenomenon of ‘Floriography’ has a resonance down the ages, from biblical times to the 19th century Victorian era where a renaissance in the carrying of wedding flowers and the wearing of a white gown became fashionable again.  Lovers would send and receive flowers that had significant meaning in their cryptic message: which in an era of strict conservatism, allowed them to express, where it could not be spoken, their covert feelings in the content of the bouquet received.

Janet has been a florist for 18 years, she trained locally for her NVQ in floristry and regularly attends courses in London with renowned florists such as Paula Pryke and the late Jane Packer.  This keeps her in touch with the latest trends in floristry. She already runs the thriving wedding floral design company ‘The flower room Belfast’ and is now expanding into everyday designs for all other important occasions, adding the unique concept of meaning through floral content: Have a look at the web site www.theflowerroombelfast.com to view the newest designs, and any brides to be can click on the wedding flower link for ideas.


To order a design from the ‘il linguaggio di fiori’ range , order online from the new range. To  enquire about weddings, call 07810081048 or email janet@theflowerroombelfast.com – payment for occasional bouquets by debit card only.

Flowers and containers may vary from season to season depending on availability, but designs will always include content that has significant meaning for the given message.



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