Dr David Murnaghan: An introduction to UL’s Dental & Cosmetic Columnist

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Ulster Life would like to introduce you to our new monthly Dental & Implant columnist Dr David Murnaghan.

David qualified from Queen’s University Belfast in 2006. After completing vocational training, he worked as an associate dentist in private practice, in Belfast, Dublin, Newry & Dundalk before establishing his own practice, Boyne Dental & Implant Clinic.

Over the next year David will offer help and advice on the latest treatments and advancements in dentistry available in Ireland. We’ve started by asking David a few questions below to get to know the man a little bit better. Next month David will be looking at DENTAL IMPLANTS. If you have a Dental or Cosmetic Dental question you’d like Dr Murnaghan to consider please email drdm@myulsterlife.co.uk


Tell us about how you ended up where you are today? 

I ran a two-surgery practice in Navan for three years and moved down the road this summer to expand into The Old Courthouse, a big old building full of character. I had an architect strip it back and rebuild the inside, keeping some of the beautiful original features among five brand new surgeries and the most advanced CT scanning and microscope equipment. We also exceed UK decontamination requirements, which is extremely rare for a clinic in the South.

I’m 32 now, and I suppose I got here from a mixture of hard work and good fortune – as a student I was sponsored to study in Italy, where I got to know other world leading specialist dentists such as Raj Patel, a consultant implantologist (he does dental implants) based in Sheffield, who I still talk to every week or so.

That experience really fast-tracked my learning, so that at 24 I placed 11 dental implants, becoming the youngest dentist to start doing them regularly. I went on to study Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry in London and through my 20s was mentored by some of the best dentists in the world.

Is there a typical day in the life of a Dentist and if so what might that look like?

No there’s not a typical day, which is why I enjoy it so much. There’s always a change and a challenge. Today I got up at 6.30am and met my architect at 7am to run over the final things that need taking care of on the building. By 4pm I had placed three implants on one person, done lip fillers on another, a couple of dental check-ups and an extraction, and I’m just about to do four white fillings on the next person. So it’s the variety that keeps it interesting.

What do you enjoy most about running your own business/Practice?

Being in control of your own destiny. I really enjoy team work and working with people, and I’ve assembled a great team here – all the clinicians as well as the patient management staff are great fun to be around, as well as being excellent at their jobs. The other thing I really enjoy having the power to do as the boss is make sure patients are always happy and that’s down to two things: being able to make them feel at ease by communicating everything they need to know about their treatment in layman’s terms before, during and after treatment and, of course, carrying out whatever treatment they choose without pain and to an excellent clinical standard. People on the whole are unfortunately still terrified of dentists, and you’d be amazed how grateful patients can be when you fix a problem that’s bothered them for years because they couldn’t find a dentist they felt comfortable with. It’s a nice feeling to know your business is changing people’s lives for the better every day.

Have you any advice for someone wanting have a career in dentistry?

Make an effort to be a good people person and find an area within dentistry that you’re passionate about. It can be as hard or as easy as you make it, and if you want to be competitive and stay at the top level that means you’ll constantly try and push yourself, which I personally really enjoy.

What one bit of advice do you give all of your patients?

Prevention is better than cure. It’s a slow process in the south of Ireland because there’s no NHS to encourage people to attend dental checks-ups, but it’s changing, gradually.


Favourite Restaurant?

Vila Joya (in Albufeira, Portugal)

Favourite Drink?


Holiday Destination?

South Africa

3 famous dinner party guests?

I’d settle for my wife Carol and our two little ones.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Friendly, driven, dependable.


+353 46 902 8683

Boyne Dental & implant Clinic

The Old Court House

4 Ludlow Street

Navan, Co Meath



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