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Dr Cormac Lynch: Advanced Facial Aesthetics

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Dr Cormac Lynch graduated from The Queen’s University of Belfast with a medical degree in  2002. Following a number of years of surgical training, Dr Lynch returned to The Queen’s University of Belfast to undertake his Dental Studies.

Dr Lynch continues to practice as a Medical Doctor and a Dental Practitioner.

Dr Lynch provides a full range of general dental treatments in a friendly, family orientated practice in Newtownards. At Ard’s Dental Practice Dr Lynch and his colleagues aim to provide a holistic, patient centred high standard of Dental care.

Latterly, Dr Lynch has undertaken extensive and comprehensive training with industry leaders in the UK and Ireland in the field of Non-surgical Facial Aesthetics. Dr Lynch has undertaken advanced level training in areas such as;

Anti-wrinkle treatment

Advanced Dermal fillers; Cheeks, Non-surgical Rhinoplasty (nose-job) cheeks, Tear troughs and Lips.

Medical Grade Skincare, Obagi Medical Skincare, Blue Radiance Peel and Blue Peel Non-surgical Facelift using PDO threads.

PDO monothreadds for skin-rejuvenation Dr Lynch provides these treatments at;

Ards Dental Practice,16 Regent Street Newtownards (02891812507)

Dr Cormac Lynch Advanced Facial Aesthetics, South Belfast Clinic (07493934804)


Launching our latest and most exciting treatment with Dr Cormac Lynch Advanced Facial Aesthetics @ Ard’s Dental Practice, Newtownards


The Non-Surgical Facelift.


We were delighted to welcome our first patients for this innovative, discreet, subtle treatment on Friday 5th October 2018.

Following extensive training with the world renowned Professor Bob Khanna, Dr Lynch is now providing non-surgical facelift with PDO Vsoft threads.


What is a Non-Surgical Facelift?


It is the use of resorbable PDO (polydioxanone) sutures, which are atraumatically introduced to  key areas of the face to subtly and naturally lift loose tissue. In doing so this treatment enhances facial profile, giving very natural results with regards to creating a more youthful and fresh appearance.


Which areas of the face can be treated?


The non-surgical facelift focuses on three important areas, brow,  mid-face (cheeks) and lower  face (chin and jaw line). Patients may choose to have all three areas treated or may focus on the area they feel is most troublesome. In some cases patients may need guidance from Dr Lynch in order to achieve the best result.


Does the procedure take long?


The procedure takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes to complete. It is a comfortable procedure which has very low reports of pain or discomfort either during the procedure or post-operatively.

The procedure is carried out painlessly using a mixture of topical anaesthetic and minimal local anaesthetic.

The patient will not have any visible scars or wounds post-operatively A full face to face consultation is required prior to the treatment day. What results can be achieved?

Although no two patients are the same, results are immediate with a subtle yet noticeable difference immediately post-operatively. Patients will notice a subtle elevation of their brow. Mid- face lifts can reduce heavy folds in the nose to mouth lines and mouth to chin lines. Patients will also notice a more defined Jaw contour.

Results improve over the first three months with the body’s response to the sutures stimulating  new collagen formation.

In addition, treatment results can be augmented further with anti-wrinkle treatment, dermal fillers and PDO monothreads for skin rejuvenation.

How long do results last?


The sutures slowly resorb over the course of a year. If one looks after their skin, with a good medical grade skincare regime, SPF and safe sun practices, results can last for between 1-3  years.

For a full and free consultation with Dr Cormac Lynch contact:

Ard’s  Dental  Practice,  16  Regent  Street  Newtownards,  BT23  4LH,  02891812507            email:

Dr Cormac Lynch can be contacted directly via FB (Dr Cormac Lynch  Advanced  Facial  Aesthetics ) Instagram Insta: drcl_advanced_facialaesthetics, email: if you would prefer to attend the South Belfast clinic

Dr Cormac Lynch Advanced Facial Aaesthetics

MB BCH BAO (QUB 2002) BDS (QUB 2009)

GDC 176507

GMC 6051871



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