Donate, feel great: Charitable giving makes Brits feel good this summer

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Donating to charity is giving Brits a much-needed dose of happiness this summer, with charitable giving providing more happiness for people per pound than big ticket items such as holidays or gadgets, according to new research by Zopa, the FeelGood MoneyTM company. 

Londoners on average get the most happiness per pound from donating to charity (both small and large amounts), more than any other region in the UK

Residents of Northern Ireland find the most happiness giving smaller amounts, whilst people from the North East top the list for getting the biggest amount of elation donating larger amounts

The feelgood summer research explored which summertime spends are delivering the most happiness per pound

Zopa commissioned the research to help people make the most of their money over the summer months. The unique research asked Britons to consider 100 summertime spends and give them a happiness rating out of 1,000. Items ranged from simple things like a £1 donation or an ice cream, to the extravagant – a £1,000 weekend in New York. The scores were then weighted alongside the cost of the items to reveal summer’s top list of feel good purchases. Three of the items focused on charity – small donation (£1), large one-off donation (£200) or ongoing direct debit (£250 per year).

The research discovered a number of differences across the regions, and it’s Londoners who, on average, get the biggest kick out of reaching for their wallet to aid a good cause. While direct debit for regular charity payments, coming in at number 52.

For higher donations, it’s the North East who get more happiness per pound, followed by Wales and the South West. When it comes to smaller donations, Northern Ireland tops the list of UK’s happiest regions, followed by the West Midlands and London. But interestingly, Northern Ireland also comes top of the list for setting up a regular direct debit, seemingly favouring smaller donations more often to one off larger payments.

Clare Gambardella, Chief Customer Officer at Zopa, said: “Our research shows that giving money to charity holds a place in our hearts, giving us a rush of feelgood, no matter the size of the donation. At Zopa, we want to help our customers feel good about their finances and get the most happiness from their money, whatever the time of year or however far their budget stretches.”



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