Business Q&A: Grainne Griffith, Marketing Manager at House of Zen

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Ulster Life Catches up with Grainne Griffith, Front of house and marketing manager from House Of Zen, St Annes Square (who has also just recently qualified as a psychotherapist)

whats your job title?

My official title is front of House and marketing manager . I work for House Of Zen which is based in St Annes Square and in November will be there 1 year.

What time does your typical day start at?

Im up from just after 8 as i have 2 children to get up and ready before I go to work. After breakfast I’ll always check my emails and facebook page incase anything comes up that needs urgent attention before starting work. I start work at 2.

Whats a typical working day

A lot of my day is based around bookings and drawing in extra business to the restaurant. I’m very customer service focused and like to spend time in the restaurant getting to know the customers and getting feedback from them which is helpful. I prepare the booking sheets for the week so all the girls know what we have ahead of us as Saturdays normally book up at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance. I spend a good part of my day during the start of the week working on social media as I feel this is an excellent way to stay in touch with new and existing customers. I also organise all the events in the restaurant and at this time of the year I’m concentrating  on co-coordinating Christmas and New Year and planning ahead for the following years events.

My days are normally hectic but I’m glad to have a good team who helping and supporting me.

In your job role are you more of a team player or mainly on your own.

In this industry it is very important to work together as a team and i have a great team of girls and boys who help and support me. The owners are fantastic and also help and give me great support so I’m very lucky. I do a lot of work on my own but I know if I need backup I have the support.

What sort of deadlines exist in House of Zen

As I am a firm believer in good customer service it is important that I reply to all emails, trip advisor comments, tweets as soon as possible, which can sometimes mean I’m up for hours when I get home at night. Other deadlines like event organisation can be stressful but well worth it when you see the finished product and happy faces.


How did you end up in this current position

I have worked in restaurants from I left school and was offered the job to work At Eddie Fungs restaurant just when I was in my final year of my psychotherapy course and wasnt planning to return to the hospitality trade. However I couldn’t pass up such a great position and the experience of working  alongside Eddie in House Of Zen. I love asian food so how could i say no!


Whats a relaxing evening or weekend

I work every friday and saturday evening so im usually too tired to go out after work, however I can be tempted sometimes. More often though I’ll spend time relaxing on the sofa with my partner and my 2 children, eating, watching movies and chilling out. I also like to have a pamper session at Bellaire hair and beauty when I have a day off and have no children or housework!!!


Favourite thing on the menu

Without a doubt has to be the duck salad, I must eat at least 4 a week. I also love the ribs and the satay prawns with chilli green beans.

My favourite cocktail is a chunky geisha but I cant tell you the recipe as it’s a secret!!!

Outside of House of Zen where do you eat, drink and dance

I have turned into such a bore these days but i love El Divino on a Saturday night for dancing and socialising. For food i like my own restaurant off course or Zen our sister restaurant in Adelaide street. I also love  Tony Romas because their onion loaf and ribs are to die for.

To book a table at House of Zen contact Grainne or one of the team on 02890278688



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