2019 Interior Trends: Styling The Perfect Living Room

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Our homes are often influenced by a wider trend one way or another, this can be your choice of paint colours, choice of furniture or even small home accessories. With interior inspirations being extremely accessible via social media, magazines and physical stores, we are inclined to take some of these trends into our humble abode.

Keeping your home trendy doesn’t mean you need to renovate all the time. Instead, you can add certain decor or make simple adjustments to create the interior style of your choice. You can take inspiration from Chill Insurance’s recent campaign, #FatherTedReimagined, on how you can incorporate trends to any living room.

No matter how subtle or obvious it may be, here are some of the exciting trends this spring that offers a new way to update an existing decor.

Bohemian Vibe

The term ‘bohemian’ usually refers to someone who is not only socially unconventional but also bears a strong artistic sense. When incorporated into an interior style, it is unapologetically full of character. The interior style is best known for its multi-cultural melange of bright colours and patterns, making it a great interior style for anyone who wants a rich interior style. With such uniqueness, it is no wonder that the bohemian vibe has made a comeback.

In order to create the bohemian vibe within your home, you would want to play with the layering and mixture of different colours, patterns and textures.

Start by creating a simple foundation for the room, like using warm and earthy tones. You can build the alluring feels of the bohemian style by introducing unpolished, distressed furniture to the room. To further add the unique warmth and charm to the home, you can then layer it up with colourful or patterned soft furnishings. Lastly, don’t forget to accessorise artistically with bold art pieces and a mixture of exotic botanicals.

Here is an example of Father Ted’s living room decorated in the bohemian interior style, creating an effortlessly quirky home that we all love and adore.

The Botanical Trend

The botanical trend has become increasingly popular amongst homeowners. This interior style is the perfect way for making a statement without committing to a colour scheme. Not only does the leafy aesthetic add a relaxing feel to the room, but the incorporation of plants has been proven to help improve the air quality around you. The interior style is highly popular, especially amongst people who live a modern lifestyle.

There are a few ways to utilise the botanical vibe within your home.

The most direct way of creating a botanical home is by incorporating plants to your decor. You can choose to feature a mixture of large and small plants and use them as decoration in empty corners of your room or above tables and shelves. Make sure you choose a planter that suits your personal style. Some of the favourites include concrete planters, ceramic planters or even hanging macrame planters. You can take the botanical trend one step further with vibrant botanical wallpaper for a fresh, contemporary style. To make the most out of your vibrant wallpaper, invest in bright soft furnishing and other off-green decorative items.

Here is an example of Father Ted’s living room decorated in the botanical interior style, creating a fresh, lively space with a plant wall.

Modern Country

The modern country interior is an idyllic classic and is increasingly popular amongst young families. It is comparatively more minimalistic, as opposed to the traditional country interior style. This style encourages using different decor to represent the beloved playful and nuanced aspects.

To create a modern country vibe, you can apply some of these interior tips to your home decor.

The new generation of country interiors keeps this style modern, this includes using muted colour palettes, simple furniture and clean lines. Keeping an uncomplicated colour scheme is crucial to giving it a contemporary country feel, colours like grey would be perfect for the job. You can incorporate your home with classic furniture, covered in heritage fabrics.  To create a warm and welcoming style, it would be ideal to include exposed Stonewood in your interior style.

Here is an example of Father Ted’s living room in the style of a modern country home.

Hollywood Glamour

For those interior lovers who prefer a more luxurious adobe, it is recommended that you try the modern Hollywood glamour vibe. It is an interior style that embodies the glitz and glamour of 1930s Hollywood but with a modern twist. This includes lots of clean white lines, plenty of gold accessories and a carefully curated colour scheme of gold and black.

To create the Hollywood Glamour interior, you can furnish the room with bold furnishing that reflects the boisterous style and layer it with soft textures like velvet, suede or faux fur. You can decorate the room with copper framed mirrors and large, classic prints. To top it off, you can utilise a different silver, platinum and light metallic sheens for decor.

Here is an example of Father Ted’s living room in the style of a Hollywood Glamour home.

Chill Insurance’s campaign has proven that your home style can be extremely versatile and it doesn’t require a complete renovation for you to create your perfect home. These are just some of the interior design trends to get you inspired for the coming spring season and can be done simply by adding a few of the recommended decor.



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